Ishida, G. (The Hiroshima Botanical Garden)

Kariomorphological observations on some Aroids cultivated in the Hiroshima Botanical Garden 1. Alocasia

1. Karyomorphologica observations were carried out on 14 taxa in the genus Alocasia cultivated in the Hiroshima Botanical Garden.
2. Chromosome numbers of the 14 taxa were found to be either 2n=28,42 or 70.
3. Chromosome numbers of six taxa, A. gageana (2n=28), A. 'Green Shield' (2n=28), A. plumbea (2n=28), A. porphyroneura (2n=28), A. portei (2n=28) and A. wentii (2n=42) were reported for the first time and eight species, A. cucullata (2n=28), A. cuprea (2n=28), A. sanderana (2n=28) and A. zebrina (2n=28) were redocumented.
4. Chromosome numbers of 13 taxa of the genus Alocasia observed were 2n=28, and each chromosome complement was consisted of 14 pairs of chromosomes. Thus, the basic number of the genus Alocasia could be x=14. Alocasia wentii with the chromosome number of 2n=42 could be recognized to be triploid, and A. lowii with 2n=70 to be pentaploid.